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    Najmias Office for Architecture [NOA] offers a wide range of professional services related to the built environment; ranging from new buildings and masterplans to small interventions in existing buildings. The common denominator in this diverse portfolio is our experience that is based on finding the balance between an innovative and strong identity with the level of customer expectations and the overall quality of projects.

    Our experience with both public and private clients, has given the team the flexibility to meet customer requirements and needs while maintaining tight cost control. In NOA we formulate solutions that create a unique architectural identity, optimizing costs and maximizing the value of the project while considering the social, emotional and intellectual implications both to the environment and users we serve. Building without technical conflicts, new alternatives, and vigorous ideas is our goal. Building without technical conflicts, new alternatives, and vigorous ideas is our goal.

    A rigorous study of the program, and where appropriate a reinterpretation of it, allows us to propose solutions that are not only adequate as architecture but also as a business. In NOA we are strongly committed to achieving the aspirations of our customers. To accomplish this, our services are executed according to the highest standards based not only on local recommendations such as the CPAU but also RIBA [UK] and CAU [Brazil].


    • Preliminary Actions
      • buying advice
      • search and evaluation
    • Feasibility Studies
    • Draft
    • Project
    • Executive Project
    • Work Control

    Fields of action

    • Interior Design
    • Architecture
    • Urban Project
    • Landscape Architecture
    • Furniture and Object Desing
    • Refurbishment and Renewals
    • Exhibitions


    • Housing
    • Retail
    • Hospitality
    • Recreation
    • Corporate
    • Cultural
    • Public
  • Some national clients

    Club Atlético Sefaradí Argentino
    Colegio Wolfsohn
    Juventus Lyrica
    Miraflores Country Club
    Servicios Portuarios Integrados SA
    Bar Dulce Buenos Aires
    Laboratorio de Biofísica Molecular, UBA
    Watch-Land SA
    Time Save SA
    Real Soft Solutions SA
    Familia BRNSTN [Belgrano R, BA]
    Familia TTMNT [Palermo, BA]
    Familia HJMN [Palermo, BA]

    Some international clients

    Hanssem Corp. [Korea]
    Enchanting Group [Mexico]
    Familia Granata [Brazil]
    Familia Blaindier [Brazil]

    Offices with whom we’ve collaborated

    Grinberg-Dwek-Iglesias arqs.
    a+p paisaje
    estudio plural


Najmias Office for Architecture is a small internationally award-winning architectural practice based in Buenos Aires.

The office has participated in numerous national and international exhibitions while the work of the studio has been published around the world. NOA has been sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture from the City of Buenos Aires.


NOA has a fascination with sustainable processes and generating innovative solutions from architecture and the impact this has on the daily lives of its users. Our research-based approach promotes space innovation in the fields of architecture, interior design, and furniture as well as the landscape, with a strong focus on the integration and the impact of the buildings on the environment and the environment.

Each design comes from a deep study of the given conditions and challenges the current thinking, looking for solutions that are both appropriate and stimulating.


Our way of approaching the design is the result of an iterative process of successive approximations, which allows a result of the highest quality to meet the aspirations of the client. As needed, we use interviews, diagrams, visualizations and physical models that enable us to wonder about the design, the site, the program, and the customer’s wishes.


NOA is flexible, creates working groups according to the needs of each project, forming the appropriate team both internally and externally. This collaborative model implemented since the beginning of NOA guarantees excellent results in the project.


A design must be the most effective expression of the conditions under which it is created, regardless of the budget that is handled is high, medium or low created; in all cases, we focus on creating value respect budgets. Value embraces the concept of added value: the added value that good design brings to a product, a building or an urban environment as a long-term investment.

Oliverio Najmias

Graduated architect at FADU, UBA -best 3% of his class- in 2000 Graduated architect at FADU, UBA -best 3% of his class- in 2000 He is Adjunct Professor (Int) in Architectural Project at the FADU, UBA, school in which he has been teaching since 1998. He was also an Assistant Professor at the UTDT Postgraduate School and has been a Visiting Professor at the Universities: Federal do Rio de Janeiro [Brazil]; from Talca [Chile]; Javeriana [Colombia] and Johannesburg [South Africa]. He was convened by the Ministry of Culture of the City. of Bs.As. to participate in Open Studio and were part of, among other exhibitions, the 1st Rotterdam Architectuur Biënnale [Países Bajos] and the 6th São Paulo Architecture Biennale. He won his first prize in 2002 with the Silver Medal at the International Design Beyond East and West [Corea] Contest and in 2010 he was Jury of the DasBaker Prize in South Africa.

Partner of najmias | arquitectos since 2001; in 2007 he establishes his own practice, Najmias Office for Architecture and in 2009 co-founds ONE Change [Office for Natural Emergencies] in which NOA is an active partner.