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  • On how to improve conditions in a traditional country, an opportunity from a perspective of the landscape and architecture

    Estudio NOA was appointed by Miraflores Country Club, a traditional country club in the northern area, to study the possibilities of renovation. For the masterplan proposal and landscape areas, taking into account the good results in previous collaborationsFirst Prize Master Plan Area Colegiales and Second Prize Parque de la Ciudad, A+P joins the project team.


    Miraflores, like so many other neighborhoods of the time, was growing in a non-organic way and without planning, the result? repeated and disconnected infrastructures, an unclear internal circulation and a blurred identity. In addition, a number of spaces and infrastructures in disuse, underutilized or that needed to be put in value.

    On the other hand, there was the challenge of generating a sense of spaciousness and a modern image in a country already consolidated.

    With these premises in mind, the study focused on finding an integral solution that could highlight the values of the Miraflores community.


    Initially, we worked on some general guidelines that enhance identity and use: value the green spaces that took decades of growth; reorganize the building infrastructures so that each age group of the Miraflores community could have a place of belonging; optimize and improve sports facilities; improve the conditions of circulation and access and security.

    Architecture and landscaping: General plan of the interventions of the Master plan for Miraflores Country Club


    Taking advantage of the new highway exit and the proposal to consolidate a sports area, a new access is proposed. A structure that seems to defy gravity projects a new, dynamic and forceful image. The access is completed by a wide double-lane boulevard that connects and orders the different sectors of the country; and a large park that gives air and finishes changing the life experience inside Miraflores.


    For the existing Club House, a reform is proposed that can reconvert, modernize, while adapting to new uses. Given that the original golf course is in disuse and the good landscape quality that has a Golf Park, a place of stroll and recreation with a strong relationship with the House.

    Diagrams of the renovation of the Miraflores Club House

    The central space of the building that today has problems edilicios is transformed into a void that allows connecting the Boulevard of Access with the new Park of Golf and serves to organize and access the different sectors. A sector for adults with games rooms and views to the park, a sector for the little ones with independent access and in relation to the park and the games and pool; and a sector for the whole family, with livings, lounges and a restaurant with ample views over the park.


    A new sector is consolidated in Miraflores with a clear sports stamp, concentrating all activities and generating spaces for circulation, use and recreation. To increase safety, the entire sports sector is transformed into a pedestrian, favoring the free movement of children and giving parents more peace of mind.

    All this is complemented by a greater number of parking lots and accesses by cycle routes and bike paths.


    A new Café is proposed in direct contact with the golf course, with wide visuals to all its green and open environment. At the same time this is integrated into the Club area by the new Paseo del Encuentro that occupies the place of the old vehicular street that divided the sports sector in two; this place will now be a new space that promotes the activities of parents and children (riding bikes, skates, watching games, etc.)


    The Club House of Lomitas that repeated the uses with the House, will now be a place for young adults and adolescents, a space that contains them and at the same time gives freedom. This club house dedicated to young people, will have games and place to develop their activities without fear of bothering the elderly. All this change will require minimal works and so the effort can be concentrated in the new access plaza, the Plaza Lomitas, a different space, full of identity, designed especially for the adolescent public

    Architecture and Landscape. Masterplan Miraflores, Lomitas sector.


    In addition, to bring the renovation to every corner, we find opportunities in the existing platforms to carry out small but powerful interventions in the areas of the original country. Different interventions are proposed for each of the platforms, but maintaining the design criteria; There are 12 different designs to offer a variety of spaces in each corner of Miraflores.

    In addition, the stream is recovered making a small sonorous park with fountains and vegetation that promotes the arrival of birds and their singing.


    The proposed masterplan leaves a Miraflores that looks to the future, with a better organization, greater breadth and a powerful identity.

    Architecture and Landscaping General Aerial Perspective Masterplan Miraflores Country Club

    client > Miraflores Country Club
    location >
    Garín, Prov. de Buenos Aires, Argentina
    built area >
    114 ha / 282 ac
    intervention area > 256.700 m2 / 2.763.096 sqft
    built area >
    5.850 m2 / 62.969 sqft
    project >
    construction >
    2019 – actualidad
    status >
    in progress

    authors >
    masterplan & landscape > Oliverio Najmias & Marcelo D’Andrea
    architecture > Oliverio Najmias
    collaborators > Nayla Budziñski, Mateo, Giraldo, Lucía Griotti, Jhonny Mosquera Ibarguren, Juan Paz Vélez, Victoria Peremateu, Marina Puiggari, Daniela Tabares Grajales
    renders > Atilio Pentimalli


    2019 1˚Prize, 4BDSÑ [National Design , Biennale]