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  • A not obvious house

    The LMBRT house project posed an original challenge requested by the client in his first contact with the studio: I want a house that is not obvious.

    The mandatory question then is what a non-obvious house meant for the family and what that meant for us as an architecture practice.

    With this premise we began the process of iteration of the project until we were shaping what will be the home of the Lmbrt family: A prism perpendicular to the street that only shows a large door, through which the double-height hall is accessed and it connects with a ramp that runs through the house through its south facade to end at the social area of ​​the house, this path runs next to a blind box containing the bedrooms; on the north facade the scheme of a perimeter circulation is repeated that allows to “close” the bedrooms and isolate them from the outside to generate a collected space.

    On the other hand, this “blind box” inside a “glass box” seeks a high level of energy efficiency (Energy Performance Certificate A) without resigning the design. A rigorous study of local conditions and the implementation of specific solutions make the LMBRT house a true living machine.


    client > Flia. Lmbrt
    location >
    Plottier, Neuquén, Argentina
    site area >
    1.182 m2 / 12.723 sqft
    built area >
    464 m2 / 4.995 SQFT
    proyject >
    construction >
    status >
    under construction

    author > Oliverio Najmias