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  • A house facing the sea

    The project for the GRNT House completes a kind of trilogy of commissions in Brazil that share some characteristics: a terrain with a steep slope and privileged views of the water. Thus, we were able to follow the line of research on the recovery of the horizon line started with the project for the House BLNDR and continued for the House 2V

    The family, a couple with two children, approached NOA to design a house that they would use on weekends and for vacations on the beach.

    Following the line of work of the two previous houses, we proposed, since we understand that thinking these dimensions are a fundamental part of the architecture and the role of the architect, and the client accepted, that making the horizon and the sea available to all passers-by was not only fair but also possible and desirable.

    Thus, the objective of the project is to deepen the possibilities of thinking about the relationship between the public and the private, between privacy and external.

    The surrounding construction aims to gain height to get the best views, so the natural topography is severely modified and the house is located near the street.

    From the consideration of these issues, the decision-making arises and the architecture project is organized making all possible efforts to socialize the views and not to monopolize the enjoyment of the sea and the distant horizon.

    Two independent and perpendicular volumes of exposed concrete are created. The connection between the two is an empty space and the only physical contact between the volumes is the staircase and the exterior glass.

    The entrance to the house is made through the upper part of the volume of the service areas: the kitchen, the grill, and the dining room, from there a bridge with open views to the sea,  connects the master suite with the children bedrooms; the stairs connects this area to the living room below.

    Each volume consists of the minimum possible structure. The social volume has a single column and is a fixed in the hill. The volume of the rooms is cantilevered with a concrete column and two stainless steel tensioners.


    client > Confidential
    location >
    Ubatuba, São Paulo, Brazil
    site area >
     2.150 m2 / 23.142 sqft
    built area >
    212 m2 / 2.282 sqft
    project >
    construction >
    status >
     executive project

    author > Oliverio Najmias
    renders > Atilio Pentinalli


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