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  • A park for Patagonia

    The project for the Natural Reserve Park, with more than 200 hectares. proposes the creation of a system of Metropolitan Plazas, directly related to the plot of the future urbanization of the island; thus defining a functional limit or buffer, generating programmatic sectors and allowing it to give a character of use of smaller scale during the weekdays and serving, at the same time, as access to the Parks system.

    Just as the Plazas pose a relation with the urban, the Parks pose the relationship with the natural, maintaining the respect of the existing ecosystems. For which an analysis of the island was made trying to achieve the best project result starting from the lowest possible environmental impact.

    The climate of Neuquén is classified as cold continental temperate, with great daily and seasonal thermal amplitude, strong winds channeled through the Limay River valley, mainly from the west, very low precipitation, very cold temperatures in winter and hot in summer. The project responds to these conditions of strong impact with the incorporation of bio-environmental design resources, both in outdoor spaces and new buildings.


    client > CORDINEU S.E.
    location >
     Neuquén, Neuquén, Argentina
    site area >
     200.000 m2 / 2.152.782 sqft
    built area >
     26.780 m2 / 288.258 sqft
    project >
    construction >
    status >
     project [national competition]

    authors > Oliverio Najmias & Marcelo D’Andrea
    collaborators > Débora Alvarado Birán, Ana Sofía Buchter, Georgina Calise, Francisco Marcelo Garay, Andrea Martino, Santiago Passalacqua, Ignacio Perassi, Gerardo Raffo
    advisors >
    bioarchitecure > John Martin Evans & Silvia de Schiller
    signage > DW Designers [Lorena Mizrahi & Luciana Waisberg]
    visualization > xyz renders




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