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  • A floating kitchen

    The apartment is located at the top 3 floors of a building in front of a park. Najmias Office for Architecture [NOA] was commissioned the renovation of the kitchen and dinning space maximizing the space and the meager area for the lower plan.

    Bearing this in mind we started the design and also taking into consideration our own interests about architecture, material, and gravity. Architecture is about construction and hence produces in a material fashion. Thus, architecture is no more than organized matter in a specific way. However, how this matter is articulated? From the office, we try to deal with this question in every project we are involved, and Flying Food is no exception.

    The decision was to make a single floating piece with a leading role organizing the lower plan. Special attention was paid to details and measures so when standing no matter from where you are looking at you can only see a 3mm thick table, however, when seating in the living area you can perceive the complexity in shapes and the strength of gravity playing an outstanding role.

    The subtlety of lighting is not an exception to the meticulous study of the needs and functionality while the intention is to explore the limits of material and handcraft.


    client > Flia. Ttmnt
    location >
     Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina
    site area >
     – / –
    built area >
     163 m2 / 1.755 sqft
    project >
    construction >
    status >

    author > Oliverio Najmias
    collaborator > Santiago Passalacqua
    work control > M. Victoria Molina Chamadoira