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  • A flat renewal to bringing a family closer

    The apartment is located in a tower in the traditional district of Moema, in São Paulo.

    The client, a marriage with two children, wanted an open floor plan to take full advantage of the views of the tower environment with the background of the Ibirapuera Park. To that end, all the walls of the areas that were not dedicated to sleep were demolished. Then the decision was made to open the kitchen, doing a kitchen or open, also the desk and the dining room was added and opened the entrance hall, creating a great atmosphere for all the social activities of the house.

    In this way, when returning after a day of work all the members of the family share a moment although perhaps each one is doing another activity. The furniture of the living room and the desk were designed especially to maintain the privacy of an order.


    client > Flia. Grnt
    location >
     Moema, San Pablo, Brasil
    site area >
     – / –
    built area >
     218 m2 / 2.346 sqft
    project >
    construction >
    status >

    author > Oliverio Najmias


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