NOA Style

  • NOA style, accompanying the customer

    NOA style, accompanying the customer

    The style is something that changes as the fashion of clothes changes; It’s a little worrisome to see colleagues and clients ordering a house in such and such a style. The architecture, except the ephemeral, is to last, to last and is not like a pair of shoes that one changes them when they go out of fashion.

    So our “style” or our seal is more about the way we approach projects.

  • AWARD – FADU’s Design Biennial

    NOA was doubly awarded at the National Design Biennial of the FADU-UBA.

    The Masterplan for Colegiales Railway Station that was the product of the competition of the same name and in which we were awarded the First Prize, and which was also honored as a Distinguished Work at the International Architecture Biennale of Argentina; now has won the National Design Biennial in the Urban Project Category.

    In this same category, the Project for the Masterplan for Miraflores won the Third Prize.

    With these distinctions NOA is consolidated as one of the best architecture, design and urban planning studios in Argentina