NOA Style

  • NOA style, accompanying the customer

    NOA style, accompanying the customer

    The style is something that changes as the fashion of clothes changes; It’s a little worrisome to see colleagues and clients ordering a house in such and such a style. The architecture, except the ephemeral, is to last, to last and is not like a pair of shoes that one changes them when they go out of fashion.

    So our “style” or our seal is more about the way we approach projects.

  • ACKNOWLEDGEMENT – Bicentennial Medal UBA

    Professor Arch. Oliverio Najmias Professor Oliverio Najmias received the Bicentennial Medal at the Main Hall of the School of Architecture, Design and Urbanism, together with distinguished colleagues.

    The medal was originally presented on August 9, in a ceremony headed by the Rector of the University of Buenos Aires Professor Dr. Alberto Barbieri and the President of the Argentine Mint, Mr. Rodolfo Gabrielli. The obverse side bears the logo “UBA 200” and the reverse side the major seal of the University, both modeled in low relief. The main seal, created by the painter, medalist and UBA Professor Ernesto de la Cárcova, was designed at the request of the institution to celebrate its centenary and since then it has been used on all official documents.

    In the words of the Dean, “the awarding of the medal is a special way of recognizing the commitment and work of our professors, a central and constituent part of our university”.