Architecture and Design Studio NOA

  • NOA, Najmias Office for Architecture

    Najmias Office for Architecture [NOA] is an internationally awarded architecture studio based in Buenos Aires. Specialized in a wide range of professional services related to the built environment; NOA produces designs and projects on a wide variety of scales: from completely new buildings and Masterplans to small interventions and reforms in existing constructions. The common denominator in this diverse portfolio is the experience that is based on finding the balance between an innovative and blunt identity with the level of customer expectations and the overall quality of the projects.

    The office has participated in numerous national and international exhibitions while the work of the study has been published around the world. NOA has been sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Secretariat of Culture of the Cdad. from Buenos Aires.

  • Workshop Geometry Materials @ 3BDÑ

    The architect Oliverio Najmias will be dictating the Workshop Geometries Materials in the framework of the 3rd. Biennial of Design, of the FADU-UBA

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  • Perspective, a new way to see the city

    The people of Black Sheep Films made this original video with an original way of looking at the city of Buenos Aires. One minute forty-six seconds that have no waste.

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