Office for architecture, landscame and urban desing. Architect Oliverio Najmias

  • NOA, Najmias Office for Architecture

    NOA is an internationally acclaimed architecture, urban design, and landscape architecture studio based in Buenos Aires. Founded in 2007 by architect Oliverio Najmias, NOA specializes in a wide range of professional services related to the built environment; NOA carries out concepts, designs and projects in the most diverse scales: from completely new buildings and Masterplans to small interventions and renovations in existing constructions. The shared characteristic in this diverse portfolio is the studio’s expertise in finding a balance between an innovative and compelling identity, meeting client expectations, and ensuring the overall quality of the projects.

    The office, specialized in cutting-edge design, has received numerous awards both nationally and internationally, and its work has been published around the world. The studio has been selected as one of the top architecture firms in America by the prestigious German publisher Braun, is in the top 30 of Architizer, and has been chosen as one of the best architecture studios in Argentina and South America by the Americas Property Awards.

  • EXHIBITION – XVI The Biennial

    The project Acqua for a floating eco-lodge conceived for the Peruvian Amazonia was selected to compete for the Biennial Award for categories and for the Biennial Grand Prize at the XVI Biennial of International Architecture in Buenos Aires. Leer más

  • How to increase the built area without building more?

    When facing the challenge of a renovation or even a new construction, in addition to taking into account the client’s needs, current regulations and the budget, we consider a variable that is fundamental: how to do more with less. Thus, we present a case-study of how to have more surface area while building less. Leer más